We’ve partnered with 
acclaimed skateboarder, 
model and community 
leader Briana King on 
a limited edition, high-dose 
offering of Tropical Citrus 
that features a new can 
they co-designed.


Tropical Citrus
High Dose

Sold Out



Say what you will, but the Brits just know what hits. So we took their #1 social CBD soda, brought it across the pond and added a little THC – just for you. Because honestly, you deserve it.

A drink that can hang without the hangover.

Who said having a good time had to hurt? With no alcohol and only 5g of sugar, Green Monké gives you the green light for fun without sacrificing your health or your Sunday morning.

Our 2:1 ratio lifts you up and keeps you grounded. It’s called balance, baby. See for yourself

3mg THC

For a gentle lift-off

6mg CBD

To keep you grounded


...and we are in the wind beneath your wings

Need a reason to drink? As-if. But if you do, press the Randomize button to find out what you’re raising your glass to.

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We’re working with amazing DJs and musicians to bring you fresh mixes each month. So pop open a can, hit play and have your Flashdance moment.

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Monké Mix 001:
Andy Capp

Andrew Hicks is a multi-media artist focusing on collage, underground film, and music production, but he is mostly well known as “Andycapp”: one of Toronto’s most respected DJ’s and promoters of multi-media events throughout the city of Toronto.

Everyone deserves
to be happy.

Green Monké is committed to a happier tomorrow. With that, 1% of all Gross Profits will be redirected to Californian organizations assisting those experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Are you a charity or mental health organization helping those who feel alone? Reach out – we'd love to discuss how we can help!

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Happy Hour’s Happy Soda

Green Monké is a cannabis-infused soda bursting with flavor that knows how to have a good time.

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